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St. George Home & School Organization


Home & School Officers

             Alicia Hutchings, President               hutchingsa@umsl.edu

          Dawn Page, Vice President              dawnsts@yahoo.com

Jeanette Steiner, Secretary Capturedinamoment@yahoo.com

              Cindy Priess, Treasurer               cindy.priess@gmail.com

          Julie Clingman, Principal            principal@stgparish.com 

2018-2019 Home & School Calendar

Meetings will be held the 2nd Monday every other month at 7:00 PM in the Gym at St. George School. Hope to see you there!

How can you help? 

Home & School needs your time, funds and creativity!  The first step is to attend a meeting and share your interests and ideas.


Theme for 2018-2019 School Year

Rooted in Faith

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don't see”--Hebrews 11:1  


Minutes from Meetings 2017-2018 School Year (PDF files)

March 2018          May 2018        September 2018



The primary purpose of St. George Home & School is to promote a positive learning environment and quality education for our students. 

The Home & School Association is fundamentally an educational organization whose purpose is to:

  • advance the Catholic education and welfare of all St. George School students
  • promote parent-school activities
  • increase interest in education and community

The Home & School Association runs many successful events throughout the school year, some of which include Friday Fish Fries, book fairs, $10-10 raffle and our annual Christmas Bazaar. The fund that we raise from these fundraisers are carefully allocated to best support the curriculum and the needs of the students and staff of St. George. With a tight school budget, the efforts of the Home & School Association are key in helping to provide our students and staff with all the opportunities they so greatly deserve.  

It is the amazing parent volunteers who help make our organization so successful. Please check the schedule of Home and School events, mark your calendars, and plan to join us in making this year successful. 

For additional information please feel free to contact your Home & School officers.


  • to facilitate a working relationship between families, school administrators and teachers at St. George School.

  • to encourage active participation from the parents and staff at St. George School. 

  • to provide linkage between teachers, administrators and the community at large to ensure that every child at St. George School will receive unsurpassed opportunities for learning.

  • to provide financial assistance to help fill in the budget gap between the district funding and what St. George School needs to excel.

  • to provide opportunities for all parents and staff to share ideas relating to St. George School.